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Precision Proofing Company is proud and excited about the proofer we have available to the printing industry.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to it and are confident that, after you have read about it and understand the potential it offers your operation, you may well share our opinion. 


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Introducing the Precision Proofer....

For years we have chased the phantom of accurate flexo ink color reproduction in the lab.  The hand held proofer was our method of applying color to the sheet and its operation was totally dependent upon the skill of the technician making the proof.  The ink technician must have years of experience to master the hand proofer and even then the variation of color from proof to proof, if not perceivable to the eye, is easily detected by the computer.  The necessity for accurate proofing became

 critical and very apparent with the introduction of color matching and QC computers.  The color matching computer must be input in an accurate manner or it will not function.  The QC computer is of no use in an ink lab if the proofing method does not duplicate the end use of the product.  The inaccuracies inherent to human proofing must be eliminated to meet the demand of today's marketplace where SPC programs and quality assurance programs are here to stay.